Teneika Askew

Book Launch Panel Discussion – Meet the Panelists!

We’re excited to announce our panelists for the upcoming online panel discussion on April 14! Be sure to register!

<strong>Teneika Askew</strong>
Teneika Askew

Teneika is a process-oriented engineer by nature, specializing in big data. She helps clients make the most of their data – both technically and strategically. Her mission is to improve access to big data and allow visualizations to serve as the voice of the business. She recognizes the efficiencies big data affords to organizations and the opportunities it enables for women and minorities as a profession. 

Adept at delivering detailed analytical reports, she leverages her tech-savviness to create a pipeline to information and alleviate the technical assistance gap in entrepreneurship communities by creating compelling and insightful analytical presentations by interpreting and analyzing data to drive growth for women and small businesses.

<strong>Ariana M. Davis</strong>
Ariana M. Davis

Ariana Davis has been using the internet when floppy disks were still a thing and hasn’t looked back. Since then, she’s worked alongside some of the coolest brands & artists including 070 Shake, KSHMR, Frankie Mark, and Myles Lloyd. 
Graduating from Florida State University in 2018 with a concentration in Computer Science & Information Technology. She currently resides in the Bay Area, as a Full-Stack Developer and UI Designer. 
She has spoken on panels, received much recognition for her impact and efforts to the tech community. Ariana enjoys testing out new frameworks, staying up to date on the newest web design trends and encouraging women in tech to continue to make an impact and truly love what you do. 

<strong>Angela Dogan</strong>
Angela Dogan

Angela is a doctoral student in Information Technology and founder & CEO of Davis Dogan Advisory Services, where her expertise in the management and implementation of enterprise and third-party risk management programs is guiding enterprises and public sector organizations.
Angela has spent the last 16 years enabling leading financial services organizations to address third-party cybersecurity and business risks in successful, programmatic ways.  She serves on the Steering Committee of the member-led Shared Assessments Program, aiding in the development of standardized resources which are now widely used in third party risk assurance.  She also Chairs the organization’s Standardized Control Assessment (SCA) Committee. 
Angela also serves on the Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix Working Group where she has assisted in efforts to further enhance their cloud security framework for the past four years. 
Angela spends most of her personal time mentoring and inspiring youth across the southeast region of the US in the field of cybersecurity. Everything she does is done through the lens of each one teach one and be the change you want to see. She served for a number of years as an active member, Director of Corporate Events and eventually President of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP). During her time with the organization, she developed the organization’s K-12 initiative as well as mentored several of its members. Bringing awareness to the need for women in tech as well as other minorities is her life-long mission.

<strong>Micheal Lane</strong>
Micheal Lane

Micheal Mackenzie Lane is the president and founder of She Get It Done (SGID), a nonprofit devoted to helping the disadvantaged get a voice in the construction trades. 
The 13 years prior to starting She Get It Done (SGID), she worked for the child company of a Fortune 500 global leader in mechanical construction and much more.  
This is where her desire to help disadvantaged people discover high-wage, high-demand jobs that provide meaningful economic security. Being a natural hustler, she can fit in with anyone that she attributes to being raised in the DMV DC, MD, VA – an eclectic melting pot of diversity and hardship.  Fast forward to Ohio life. Be comfortable being uncomfortable, with her 3-year-old Yorkie Mackston. 
Currently hosting a weekly podcast Micheal Uninterrupted and on all social media. Google @Shegetitdone and professionally on Linkedin Micheal Lane. 

<strong>Juliet Okafor</strong>
Juliet Okafor

Juliet Okafor, J.D., is a cybersecurity professional who has combined her knowledge of the legal system and cybersecurity solution models into success stories across fortune 500 industries throughout the USA.  Her ability to scope, plan and design the creation of an OT Cybersecurity Management System framework for one of the largest cruise lines in the world is a testament of her commitment and leadership regardless of the challenge.   
She is a passionate security solutions visionary and strategist who builds the Fortune 500 enterprise’s overarching security strategy that governs all other smaller strategies within.  She is the person who determines how to solve the company’s problem, be it vulnerability management, incident response or reducing the risk associated with technology or vendors, and then puts a plan into action or roadmap to remediate the risks in place – using a combination of people, transforming operations and an array of emerging security technology. 
Juliet’s collaboration with key infrastructure cybersecurity leaders from the energy, manufacturing, maritime, transportation and chemical sectors has led to realistic and integrated IT/OT cybersecurity programs with positive security results.   
The unique value of Juliet’s ability within the cybersecurity field is also evident in her relentless and dynamic approach to understanding the expectations, needs, and requirements of her clients in concert with providing the best cybersecurity technologies and services required.   
Okafor has also helped build startup security organizations from the ground up, negotiating contracts, forging partnerships, selecting tools, leading strategic initiatives, and partnering with key customers and security stakeholders to create, identify, measure and report the maturity of their enterprise security programs to senior leadership to justify the additional financial investment or demonstrate continuous improvement.  

<strong>Victoria Scott</strong>
Victoria Scott

Victoria Scott is a technical specialist at IBM, and in her role, she is focused on bringing innovative cloud solutions to her clients around the country. She earned her degree in computer engineering at Princeton University and is excited to start her MBA this fall at NYU Stern. Victoria is dedicated to increasing the number of women of color in STEM by serving as a P-Tech mentor and a Consortium member. In her free time, Victoria enjoys going for long walks and participating in the New York entrepreneurship community.