About the Book

WOMEN OF COLOR IN TECH seeks to inform and inspire women of color to pursue tech careers. The book describes the wide variety of popular tech careers (beyond coding/software engineering) that exist and practical tips/resources on how to prepare for them. WOCIT also speaks candidly about the particular challenges women of color have cited as reasons to either not pursue tech, or leave tech altogether, and attempts to give readers advice and strategies on how to navigate them. This is so that readers not just survive, but thrive in their tech careers.

Nonfiction Book Awards Silver Winner, Careers

"Solid guidance from a woman who has made her mark in a technical role." -Kirkus Reviews

"This step-by-step guide informs readers of various tech positions, pros and cons of working in this field, revenue potential, and the value of having a support system in place--in any career field. The author does an excellent job of laying the foundation for what women can expect should they choose a career in tech.”- Morgan Lee, LitPick

"All those engaged in serious job seeking, especially the target group anticipating a tech career, will learn a great deal from the frank, factual, and extensively gathered information she presents here." -Barbara Bamberger Scott, US Review of Books