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Generally, the participation of women in the tech industry has been low relative to their opposite gender. However, the statistics become more worrisome when the position of African American women is considered viz-a-viz other races in the United States.

What could be the reason why Black women seem to be the least represented among all races? Has the status quo remained the same, improved or worsened over the years? What role is the family required to play during the formative years of the girl child? Similarly, why does interest in STEM subjects decrease considerably as the Black girls progress from primary to middle, and high schools?

The answers to these questions and more are contained in this book. Likewise, key factors that make it difficult for Black women to rise to the top in tech; such as economic, demographic, and social indicators as well as the solutions on how to overcome them were elaborated in this book.

Considering the vast volume of facts and figures as contained in this book, then there is no doubt that the author conducted extensive research and studies.

The book is highly recommended for all Blacks and indeed everyone who desires to see a positive change in the involvement of women of color in tech.